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Pimp Hall Allotment Association
our allotment site: 31 Oct 2014
PHAA :   ...fresh air, peace, plants, nature, good company, a bit of work...    Grow Your Own - Allotment Style...  


School Visitors Spring 2022

Year 3 children from Chingford C of E Primary visited our allotments
to be shown round by Ann, Tony and Richard.
From the cards/letters/drawings they sent in appreciation,
they were most amazed by the bees...
the secrets of royal honey...
some plants liking hot weather whilst others prefer cool...
how apple blossom turns into apples...
and that broccoli can be purple!

Below is a link to LARGE IMAGES of their many missives.
They certainly all enjoyed themselves,
despite some commenting on how cold it was!
pixx here to view

School Visitors 2021

the kids say thank you...


2020-21 Kings Seed scheme

We DID have an allotment cat - Lotty
now sadly gone.

She was friendly.

2019 Kings Seed scheme

Police 'Sheducation' leaflet
Click for details

Deadline 12 October
Kings Seeds 2018
Click for details

August 2017
Connecting with
allotment wildlife

31 July 2017
Blight warning received yesterday.
We're experiencing adverse weather conditions
which may cause blight damage
to tomato and potato crops.
Tomato plants are particularly
vulnerable to blight attack.

July 2017
new allotment wildlife

FENCING - Dec 2015
Work has started on the installation of a new fence
on the eastern boundary between properties
on Friday Hill West and the allotment site.

This work will take 2 - 3 weeks and
will involve the storage of fencing materials
in the yard which will restrict
vehicle access, please be patient.

school visitors, May 2015

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