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About Pimp Hall
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Pimp Hall Allotments,
Kings Road,
North Chingford,
(by Waltham Forest
Recycling Centre)
E4 7HR

Pimp Hall Allotment Association
our allotment site: 31 Oct 2014
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About Pimp Hall

The Pimp Hall allotment site is part of land that comprised the 16th century
Pimps Hall, gardens and farm. As long ago as 1270 it was part of a new 250
acre manor created near the edge of the Royal Forest of Waltham. The name derives
from one Reynold Pympe who was lord of the manor in 1500. Pimp Hall was a working
farm until 1934, when it was bought by Chingford Council.

The site was then divided between Pimp Hall Park, a horticultural nursery run by
the Council and the allotment site. The manor house and nearly all of the farm
buildings are gone, only the Tudor dovecote remains as part of an education and
wildlife centre. Situated on the North side of Friday Hill the site runs downhill
from the boundary with Pimp Hall Park towards Kings Road.

The soil is heavy loam on dense Essex clay subsoil. Although this can be a
challenge, particularly when clearing and digging an overgrown plot, the addition
of plenty of well-rotted compost soon produces fertile and friable ground which
will reward the patient gardener. Pimp Hall gardeners grow a wide variety of fruit
vegetables and flowers. Generally, our crops are of a quality, freshness, and
flavour beyond the dreams of supermarkets, and an increasing number of our
gardeners participate successfully in local horticultural shows.