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Pimp Hall Allotments,
Kings Road,
North Chingford,
(by Waltham Forest
Recycling Centre)
E4 7HR

Pimp Hall Allotment Association
our allotment site: 31 Oct 2014
PHAA :   ...fresh air, peace, plants, nature, good company, a bit of work...    Grow Your Own - Allotment Style...  

About Us

The allotments are worked by an interesting community of gardeners whose ages
range from four years old up to ninety odd, and who come from a diverse range
of backgrounds and cultures.

 This brings an approach to horticulture, which draws not only on the knowledge,
skill and experience of gardeners who have worked plots on Pimp Hall for decades,
but also people with fresh ideas, including those who learned their craft in parts
of the world a long way away from North Chingford, bringing and sharing horticultural
skills from such places as Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, China, Nigeria and the Caribbean.

Some people enjoy their allotment as a place of peace and quiet where they can get away
from everyday pressures and spend some time in their own company with their own thoughts.
Others like the company of fellow gardeners and forge lasting friendships.

For those who wish it, there is an active social community which meets informally to enjoy
each otherís company, whether for a chat and a laugh over a cup of tea and biscuits
on a Sunday morning; or to share a meal together at a barbecue on a summers evening.

Chair: John Burke

Treasurer: Tony Sheppard

Secretary: Keith Gautrey

Committee Members:
Alan Dickin
Susan Isitt
Richard Cleveland
Mike Whiteley
Dorothy Telfer

Local Authority site representative:
Dave Drury

Roddy MacLennan